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Five Things All Leaders Must Develop

She was a secretary, the lowest on the pay scale, and relatively new to the department. She was my pick for the promotion to Assistant Director.


There are five basic reasons why:

  • She was simple in how she approached tasks

  • She was implicitly honest

  • She was sincerely truthful and kind in her interactions with colleagues and customers

  • Her actions were pure and intentional

  • She worked with utmost integrity

You may be thinking, “Some of these things are redundant.” I assure you they are not.

They are the beginning and the end of behaviors. Behaviors begin in the mind - in a thought - and end in action.

They are intrinsically related and must work together.

For example, if thoughts are not pure, how can behaviors be kind? If thoughts are not honest, how can behaviors be truthful?

These five things begin in the mind; they begin with choice.

Leaders decide every day to be simple, honest, truthful, pure, and always act with integrity.

It’s a daily decision.

It’s a choice that cannot be bought or sold.

It’s a choice that is free to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.

It’s a choice that is available to all despite educational level.

It’s a choice that is not restricted by culture, nationality, race, or ethnicity.

It’s a choice that presents itself equally to the monarch and the homeless.

It’s a choice that is yours to make, and yours alone.

No one can make it for you, nor can they take it from you.

She made this daily decision.

So I promoted her.

Others thought she needed more experience, more time, and the promotion should be given to someone who had been in the department longer.

She’s a superstar in her current role.

I can tell you unequivocally that not a day passes that I don’t think how grateful I am she was promoted.

Choose those who make the daily choice.

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Malcolm Seheult
Malcolm Seheult
10 de mar. de 2022

Honesty, intentionality and integrity are three of the criteria suggested to search for in a great leader. The other significant point is that success is gained one day at a time. When ;leaders can learn to incorporate themselves into the 'systems' of the working environment, they become effective. An excellent book to read on this matter is Bowen's Theory's Systems by Michael Kerr. Highly recommended. Just like you can overcook a casserole, you can overcook your leadership. Keep it on the visual but 'lean 'side.


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