Five Minute Stress Reliever

How is it that we supposedly have more time in our day (e.g., no two-hour per day commute) and yet increasingly feel more stressed? We can’t keep up with the constant stream of email, we have more zoom meetings in our calendars than ever before, we are struggling to balance all of the changes that have been foisted on us, and we are still trying to navigate the murky future.

The answer may exist in a simple question: when is the last time you filled your cup?

You know, that empty cup in your psyche that drives you to the edge of frustration and deflation because what you need or want is put on the back burner. Again. That cup.

Being intentional about filling your cup every day is not selfish. It is necessary to serve, lead, and be with others in a healthy manner.

Have you noticed it often doesn’t take a long time to fill that cup to an acceptable level? With the exception of extreme exhaustion and other issues that should be addressed by a capable medical professional, sometimes doing something for even just five minutes makes all the difference.

Five minutes.

You can do most things for five minutes. I could have handled labor pains for five minutes.

If you can handle something arduous for five minutes, why not spend those five minutes filling your cup?

There are lots of studies that link physical activity with positive mental mood and stress reduction. Even if you’re not the physical activity type, remember, you can do almost anything for five minutes.

Look for physical activities that don’t require a long time to accomplish. Like stretching, weight lifting, jumping jacks, walking around your house a couple times, whatever fits you. Just move for five minutes.

It doesn’t just have to be physical movement. Identify other ways to fill your cup.

Look for a journal option and do a brain dump for five minutes.

Flip through recipe books to get ideas for dinner.

The options are only restricted by your imagination.

Here’s a pro tip: Pick something that won’t suck you into a vortex of time wasting. When was the last time you ever spent only five minutes on social media or your favorite show? ‘Nuff said.

So, what are you doing for your five minutes?

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