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When Adversity Isn’t

Who would have thought that a microbe a fraction of the size of a needle point could alleviate the congested Southern California freeways, sweep aisles clean at the grocery store in hours, and send the economy into chaos. Because of this microbe people are fearful for their jobs, food and water supply, toilet paper supply, personal health, and the health of compromised loved ones. Not to mention loss of freedoms.

As disruptive and disconcerting as our new reality is, let’s not use unnecessary energy on the negatives. It’s very natural to focus on the difficulties of trials, as they surely are so. What we often fail to perceive are the opportunities that can be overshadowed by the difficulties, as trials provide ample opportunity for learning and character development.

A mentor and close friend was cleaning out his attic and found a small piece of paper sticking out of an old book. He pulled out the paper and found written on it with shaky hand a phrase that must have registered deep at the time it was written. It is still very apropos today:

“The tests of life are not made to break us. Trouble may demolish a person’s business - but build up their character. The blow at the outward person may be the greatest blessing to the inner person. Adversity does not break people, it makes them.” ~ Alfred A. Montaperi

In this time of uncertainty, don’t miss the opportunity to be made.

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