One Never Equals Greatness

Do you ever feel like this: I’m tired and I just want to push ahead and get things done on my own?

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time or energy to deal with other’s insecurities, doubts, or inabilities - I just need to get things done right and quickly and it’s much faster if I just do it.”

It is very tempting, but you would ultimately be wrong.

True, things may indeed get done at that point. They may even get done well.

But greatness never comes from one person doing all the work. Ever.

When people are celebrated and leaders acknowledged, often it is due to how they empower large groups of people to do what was thought difficult or even impossible.

Leaders are only leaders if they influence those around them to accomplish something greater than any one person can attain.

This requires what I refer to as the with factor. Leaders who are with their team and colleagues have the upper hand when it comes to greatness.

Why? Because they have their finger on the pulse of those who can make things happen.

They are trusted enough to know a family member is struggling with a new diagnosis and ask how they are doing in private conversations.

They are trusted enough to be brought into the loop of a personal struggle and keep checking in as the struggle ensues.

People are never willing to be galvanized to put their talents, energies, and skills toward a common goal without trust in a leader and his or her mission.

Trust comes with time and intentionality.

Trust comes with putting others first and being open, and even vulnerable.

How you choose to use your time as a leader to be with determines your level of greatness attainable.

Set aside dedicated time to ask about the person.

Let them know they are important enough to warrant a committed time slot on your slammed calendar.

Trust will be built, and so will the opportunities for greatness.

Because there will be more than one.

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