Leadership Has Nothing To Do With Titles

The template I use in our office for annual evaluations has a section that asks me to rank my employee’s leadership ability. Invariably, the comment employees who are on the front lines make about this area is along the lines of “not applicable.” I highly disagree.

Leadership does not require a title. A title gets you a parking space and an office. That’s not leadership, that’s a physical location.

Leadership is owning your job.

Leadership is assisting colleagues so they can understand something about their job that you know better.

Leadership is looking for ways to improve processes and systems.

Leadership is making yourself available and being willing to help the team.

Leadership is offering ideas.

Leadership is being willing to hear it isn’t the right time for some ideas.

Leadership is about mentoring and working on behalf of others.

Leadership is about resilience and positivity.

Leadership is seeking to consistently improve yourself.

Leadership is deciding to be “with” those around you and choosing to contribute as only you can because you are the only “you” that exists on this planet.

Leadership is so much more than what is listed on your business card (if you have one).

Leadership has nothing do to with titles and everything to do with you.

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