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Don’t Wait. Choose Now.

Never before has such an opportunity presented itself. For many the commute to work has been reduced to taking a right turn from the kitchen into the office. Or the job has been removed completely. Sheltering-in-place edicts prevent the usual galavanting around that takes up so much time.

Now is the time for anything. Now is the time for choices.

The brain is an impressive organ. It is estimated it has the potential for more neural pathway connections than there are stars in the universe. What can we do with that potential power in this uncertain time?

Make choices.

Neural pathways respond to our choices. Of course there are genetic proclivities and tendencies; ultimately choice makes the individual person.

When a decision is made to try something new, the first go around is usually rough, thorny, and difficult. Think of it as your brain hacking a pathway through a dense jungle. Now let’s say you’re back at that same dense jungle - what’s your likely path? That’s right, the one that has already had some progress made on it.

In essence, the first choice determines future decisions. That means the first step in making new neural pathways is the most important.

Now is the opportunity to sit alone (or with others - however you think best) and identify at least one thing you desire to do differently. This doesn’t need to be a grandiose decision; it could be as simple as walking for five minutes in the morning before showering.

Choices comprise who we are and who we will become. If today you’re convicted to do something, don’t put it off.

Neural pathways are funny things - they don’t allow for all choices at all times. As you make decisions today, the trajectory and scope of your future choices change. Your choices today dictate that trying to do something at a later time may not even be an option.

Your choices today dictate that trying to do something at a later time may not even be an option.

Authentic leaders know they need work. Increased self-awareness identifies the hard work to be done. Don’t delay.

Tomorrow that vision will lessen. The day after that it will be moved to the back burner. The week after that it will be put on hold. By the end of the month it may be a distant memory, and by the end of the year you likely won’t recall it at all.

Don’t wait. Choose now.

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