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Built for Relationships

I’m a true introvert. Anything including large amounts of human bodies, unless it’s in a wide open space with so much openness that I’m guaranteed to never breath second hand air, requires intense emotional preparation. After these events I require calm and respite to build up for the next emotional onslaught. Then there’s my husband and son. Their philosophy is the more the merrier. And if more can’t fit in the space provided then just scoot over! Also, according to them the event should never end - who needs sleep!? Just writing that sent my blood pressure up.

Yet, even with our vast differences in preference of interaction we all still have a very core need: to be “with.” While I wish for days (or let’s face it, an hour would be great) where I can wrap up in a snuggly blanket, sip a warm drink, and engross myself in some good reading, I cannot do that forever. Eventually I need to be with my approved people.

This describes a quintessential reality in humanity - we are built for relationships. It is impossible to have a healthy existence without relationships. Good relationships. Healthy relationships. This doesn’t apply to just family and friends, but it also includes those we spend many hours sitting next to and interacting with in the office and on the road.

Without relationships we break. Even the introverts among us. Knowing this I intend to be intentional in my relationships - those I choose and those foisted on me. I choose to be “with.” I invite you to do the same.

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Foisted - good word!😊

Gefällt mir
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