The Single Secret To Becoming a Successful Leader

Yes, I realize the title of this blog is ambitious. In today’s world of post-modern relativism and lack of belief in absolute truth, the statement that there is only one thing that is needed for successful leadership is bold and some might say uninformed and infantile. I’ll let you be the judge. The single secret to becoming a successful leader is this: get back up.

The choice of getting back up means that at some point you were up and now you are down. But there’s good news in falling! (Yes, I know that sounds crazy, just stick with me). Think about this: you cannot fall if you’re lying down; you can only fall from a vertical position. Gravity has no effect if you’re not working against it. The fact that you have the option of falling means you’re struggling and succeeding against gravity to stand up. Keep struggling!

Spoiler alert: All leaders struggle; you’re not the only one. The struggle itself is a sign of life and a promise of great leadership. Be authentic and lean into your struggle as the gift it is. Be self-aware to know when, why, and how you’re standing and why you fall. Be grateful for standing as long as you do. Then, when you fall, get back up. Take an honest look at why you fell and work to strengthen that aspect to prevent the same fall in the future. If you don’t get back up it’s guaranteed you will not realize your true leadership potential. Only successful leaders get back up.

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