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It's about who is with us

With Leadership provides specialized insights, guidance, and enthusiasm tailored to fit the unique needs of authentic leaders today.  Learn practical leadership tools on how to truly be with those around you through brief, pithy blogs and podcasts. Want more? Invest in yourself by signing up for an online course, joining a training, or scheduling a speaking event.

Friends in Nature


"Be With Me"

Who enjoys a leader who foists work on others and appears to sit separate (and maybe elevated) from everyone else? Exactly.  

Authentic leadership encourages leaders to learn about themselves so they can learn about others and create an environment in which enthusiasm is encouraged, hesitation is clarified, and individual input makes the collective whole just that much better. 

With Leadership is the concept of moving with your team.  To be on a team, rather than simply having a team. Seek input.  Strive for inclusion.  Celebrate success.  Honestly review failure.  Join the with movement and be your true authentic leader self.

As leadership blogger and philosophizer, Erin Seheult desires to support you on your journey to being "with."



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Seize the Opportunity

Invite Erin Seheult to provide training to small or large groups on any or all authentic leadership constructs:

  • Emotional intelligence (Self-awareness)

  • Critical communication (Relational transparency)

  • Decision making (Balanced processing)

  • Ethics in leadership (Internalized moral perspective) 

Trainings include interactive presentations, workbook and group activities, and practical “boots on the ground” tools to apply authentic leadership principles right away.

No personality type required!


Authentic & Practical

Using research findings and practical examples, Erin Seheult seeks to convey the basic foundation of authentic leadership: being with

The great news is anyone can be with, regardless of title.

Interactive visuals and engaging stories allow audiences to see how authentic leadership and being with can be applied in their day-to-day world. 


Get Ready to Take Action

You may be interested in learning how to incorporate authentic leadership principles in every aspect of your life, but your busy schedule does not allow for a formal training session. No worries - we have you covered!

Coming soon an online course with five short modules will walk you through practical tools of authentic leadership all from the comfort of your electronic device and on your timeline.

Stay tuned!